Crocus Brands. We blend strategy and execution to turn your products into a commercial success.
From Product Innovation and Market Entry strategy services to Market Expansion Partnerships, all that you need to take your business to the next level.

Consulting and Partnership

Our clients leverage our capabilities within two practice areas: Consulting and Partnership. What sets us apart is that both these practice areas feed into each other in synergy to make products that are commercially viable and successful in the markets we serve.

The WAY We work


To deliver Product Innovation and Market Entry strategies, we collaborate with industry specific leaders and invite them to join us as our consulting partners. While these leaders make our offering more robust, sharing their expertise with clients and collaborating with fellow partners helps them hone their own skills as well. 



To help companies expand and launch their products in existing or new geographies, we use a Market Expansion Partnership approach that brings together our in-house team and local vendor support. The in-house team provides on-ground execution transforming all formulated strategies into reality.